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March 22, 2018

PMI-002 pack(121 to 130) for IT professionals: Mar 2018 Edition

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Q121. A document which describes how project scope will be managed and how scope changes will be integrated into the project is: (choose the best answer)

A. A project plan

B. A risk analysis

C. A scope management plan

D. A scope statement

Answer: C

Q122. Completion of the _____________ scope is measured against the project management plan.

A. Project

B. Technical

C. Product

D. Baseline

Answer: A

Q123. A is the correct answer. Trend analysis is a tool and technique used in Monitor and Control Risks.

A. Financial records

B. Inspection specifications

C. Project charter

D. Project reports

Answer: A

Q124. Cost benefit analysis, scorecard modelling, payback periods, and internal rate of return are examples of:

A. Enterprise benefits measurement methods when selecting a project

B. Integral parts of the SOW

C. Ways to ensure stakeholder commitment

D. Project selection methods

Answer: A

Q125. From whom do you need to gain the formal acceptance at project closure?

A. The customer

B. The qualify director

C. Project management office

D. Project manager

Answer: A

Q126. What are the four parts of the communications model?

A. Sending, Receiving, Decoding, and Comprehending

B. Sender, Message, Medium, and Receiver

C. Communicator, Message, Receiver, and Decoder

D. Communicating, Transmitting, Receiving, and Comprehending

Answer: B

Q127. You are in process of identifying and documenting the project roles and responsibilities and create staffing management plan. All of the following should be addressed when listing the roles and responsibilities EXCEP:

A. Competency

B. Authority

C. Responsibility

D. Compliance

Answer: D

Q128. The party that needs the change resulting from the project, and who will be its custodian on completion is the ___________.

A. Owner

B. Sponsor

C. Customer

D. client

Answer: B

Q129. When should a project manager be assigned to a project?

A. As early in the project as feasible.

B. Preferably before much project planning has been done.

C. At least prior to the start of project plan execution.

D. All of the above.

Answer: D

Q130. Estimated at Completion is determined by which of the following?




D. Both A and c

Answer: D

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