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July 10, 2018

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New EXIN,Inc ITILFND Exam Dumps Collection (Question 5 - Question 14)

New Questions 5

Which statement BEST represents the guidance on incident logging?

A. Incidents must only be logged if a resolution is not immediately available

B. Only incidents reported to the service desk can be logged

C. All incidents must be fully logged

D. The service desk decide which incidents to log

Answer: C

New Questions 6

In which document would you expect to see an overview of actual service achievements against targets?

A. Operational level agreement (OLA)

B. Capacity plan

C. Service level agreement (SLA)

D. SLA monitoring chart (SLAM)

Answer: D

New Questions 7

Which of the following should be documented in an incident model?

1. Details of the service level agreement (SLA) pertaining to the incident

2. Chronological order of steps to resolve the incident

A. 1 only

B. 2 only

C. Both of the above

D. Neither of the above

Answer: B

New Questions 8

Which one of the following is the purpose of service level management?

A. To carry out the service operations activities needed to support current IT services

B. To ensure that sufficient capacity is provided to deliver the agreed performance of services

C. To create and populate a service catalogue

D. To ensure that an agreed level of IT service is provided for all current IT services

Answer: D

New Questions 9

Which one of the following is NOT an objective of problem management?

A. Minimizing the impact of incidents that cannot be prevented

B. Preventing problems and resulting incidents from happening

C. Eliminating recurring incidents

D. Restoring normal service operation as quickly as possible

Answer: D

New Questions 10

Which process is responsible for providing the rights to use an IT service?

A. Incident management

B. Access management

C. Change management

D. Request fulfillment

Answer: B

New Questions 11

Which process is responsible for dealing with complaints, comments, and general enquiries from users?

A. Service level management

B. Service portfolio management

C. Request fulfilment

D. Demand management

Answer: C

New Questions 12

A process owner is responsible for which of the following?

1. Defining the process strategy

2. Assisting with process design

3. Improving the process

4. Performing all activities involved in a process

A. 2, 3 and 4 only

B. All of the above

C. 1, 2 and 3 only

D. 1, 2 and 4 only

Answer: C

New Questions 13

Which process is responsible for low risk, frequently occurring, low cost changes?

A. Demand management

B. Incident management

C. Release and deployment management

D. Request fulfilment

Answer: D

New Questions 14

Where should the following information be stored?

1. The experience of staff

2. Records of user behaviour

3. Supplier's abilities and requirements

4. User skill levels

A. The change schedule

B. The service portfolio

C. A configuration management database (CMDB)

D. The service knowledge management system (SKMS)

Answer: D

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