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September 11, 2018

How Does Ucertify EXIN,Inc ISFS testing engine Work?

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New EXIN,Inc ISFS Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q4. In most organizations, access to the computer or the network is granted only after the user has entered a correct username and password. This process consists of 3 steps: identification, authentication and authorization. What is the purpose of the second step, authentication?

A. In the second step, you make your identity known, which means you are given access to the system.

B. The authentication step checks the username against a list of users who have access to the system.

C. The system determines whether access may be granted by determining whether the token used is authentic.

D. During the authentication step, the system gives you the rights that you need, such as being able to read the data in the system.

Answer: C

Q5. Susan sends an email to Paul. Who determines the meaning and the value of information in this email?

A. Paul, the recipient of the information.

B. Paul and Susan, the sender and the recipient of the information.

C. Susan, the sender of the information.

Answer: A

Q6. You work for a large organization. You notice that you have access to confidential information that you should not be able to access in your position. You report this security

incident to the helpdesk. The incident cycle isinitiated. What are the stages of the security incident cycle?

A. Threat, Damage, Incident, Recovery

B. Threat, Damage, Recovery, Incident

C. Threat, Incident, Damage, Recovery

D. Threat, Recovery, Incident, Damage

Answer: C

Q7. You have just started working at a large organization. You have been asked to sign a code of conduct as well as a contract. What does the organization wish to achieve with this?

A. A code of conduct helps to prevent the misuse of IT facilities.

B. A code of conduct is a legal obligation that organizations have to meet.

C. A code of conduct prevents a virus outbreak.

D. A code of conduct gives staff guidance on how to report suspected misuses of IT facilities.

Answer: A

Q8. What is the definition of the Annual Loss Expectancy?

A. The Annual Loss Expectancy is the amount of damage that can occur as a result of an incident

during the year.

B. The Annual Loss Expectancy is the size of the damage claims resulting from not having carried out risk analyses effectively.

C. The Annual Loss Expectancy is the average damage calculated by insurance companies for

businesses in a country.

D. The Annual Loss Expectancy is the minimum amount for which an organization must insure


Answer: A

Q9. Why is air-conditioning placed in the server room?

A. In the server room the air has to be cooled and the heat produced by the equipment has to be extracted. The air in the room is also dehumidified and filtered.

B. When a company wishes to cool its offices, the server room is the best place. This way, no office space needs to be sacrificed for such a large piece of equipment.

C. It is not pleasant for the maintenance staff to have to work in a server room that is too warm.

D. Backup tapes are made from thin plastic which cannot withstand high temperatures. Therefore, if it gets too hot in a server room, they may get damaged.

Answer: A

Q10. You have an office that designs corporate logos. You have been working on a draft for a large

client. Just as you are going to press the <save> button, the screen goes blank. The hard disk is

damaged and cannot be repaired. You find an early version of the design in your mail folder and

you reproduce the draft for the customer. What is such a measure called?

A. Corrective measure

B. Preventive measure

C. Reductive measure

Answer: A

Q11. An airline company employee notices that she has access to one of the companyu2019s applications that she has not used before. Is this an information security incident?

A. Yes

B. No

Answer: B

Q12. You work in the office of a large company. You receive a call from a person claiming to be from the Helpdesk. He asks you for your password. What kind of threat is this?

A. Natural threat

B. Organizational threat

C. Social Engineering

Answer: C

Q13. Your company has to ensure that it meets the requirements set down in personal data protection legislation. What is the first thing you should do?

A. Make the employees responsible for submitting their personal data.

B. Translate the personal data protection legislation into a privacy policy that is geared to the company and the contracts with the customers.

C. Appoint a person responsible for supporting managers in adhering to the policy.

D. Issue a ban on the provision of personal information.

Answer: B

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