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July 30, 2017

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Q251. You have been asked to build AWS infrastructure for disaster recovery for your local applications and within that you should use an AWS Storage Gateway as part of the solution. Which of the following best describes the function of an AWS Storage Gateway?

A. Accelerates transferring large amounts of data between the AWS cloud and portable storage devices .

B. A web service that speeds up distribution of your static and dynamic web content.

C. Connects an on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage to provide seamless and secure integration between your on-premises IT environment and AWS's storage infrastructure.

D. Is a storage service optimized for infrequently used data, or "cold data." 

Answer: C


AWS Storage Gateway connects an on-premises software appliance with cloud-based storage to provide seamless integration with data security features between your on-premises IT environment and the Amazon Web Services (AWS) storage infrastructure. You can use the service to store data in the AWS cloud for scalable and cost-effective storage that helps maintain data security. AWS Storage Gateway offers both volume-based and tape-based storage solutions:

Volume gateways Gateway-cached volumes Gateway-stored volumes

Gateway-virtual tape library (VTL) 



Q252. What does t he following command do with respect to the Amazon EC2 security groups? ec2-create-group CreateSecurityGroup

A. Groups the user created security groups in to a new group for easy access.

B. Creates a new security group for use with your account.

C. Creates a new group inside the security group.

D. Creates a new rule inside the security group. 

Answer: B

Q253. EBS Snapshots occur _

A. Asynchronously

B. Synchronously

C. Weekly 

Answer: A

Q254. If you have chosen Multi-AZ deployment, in the event of a planned or unplanned outage of your primary DB Instance, Amazon RDS automatically switches to the standby replica. The automatic failover mechanism simply changes the record of the main DB Instance to point to the standby DB Instance.





Answer: B

Q255. A user wants to increase the durability and availability of the EBS volume. Which of the below mentioned actions should he perform?

A. Take regular snapshots.

B. Create an AMI.

C. Create EBS with higher capacity.

D. Access EBS regularly. 

Answer: A


In Amazon Web Services, Amazon EBS volumes that operate with 20 GB or less of modified data since their most recent snapshot can expect an annual failure rate (AFR) between 0.1% and 0.5%. For this reason, to maximize both durability and availability of their Amazon EBS data, the user should frequently create snapshots of the Amazon EBS volumes.

Reference: http://media.amazonwebservices.com/AWS_Storage_Options.pdf

Q256. An organization has created an application which is hosted on the AWS EC2 instance. The application stores images to S3 when the end user uploads to it. The organization does not want to store the AWS secure credentials required to access the S3 inside the instance. Which of the below mentioned options is a possible solution to avoid any security threat?

A. Use the IAM based single sign between the AWS resources and the organization application.

B. Use the IAM role and assign it to the instance.

C. Since the application is hosted on EC2, it does not need credentials to access S3.

D. Use the X.509 certificates instead of the access and the secret access keys. 

Answer: B


The AWS IAM role uses temporary security credentials to access AWS services. Once the role is assigned to an instance, it will not need any security credentials to be stored on the instance. Reference:  http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/iam-roles-for-amazon-ec2.html

Q257. All Amazon EC2 instances are assigned two IP addresses at launch, out of which one can only be reached from within the Amazon EC2 network?

A. Multiple IP address

B. Public IP address

C. Private IP address

D. Elastic I P Address 

Answer: C

Q258. You would like to create a mirror image of your production environment in another region for disaster recovery purposes. Which of the following AWS resources do not need to be recreated in the second region? (Choose 2 answers)

A. Route 53 Record Sets

B. IM Roles

C. Elastic IP Addresses (EIP)

D. EC2 Key Pairs

E. Launch configurations

F. Security Groups 

Answer: A, C



http://tech.com/wp-content/themes/optimize/download/AWSDisaster_Recovery.pdf (page 6)

Q259. After an Amazon VPC instance is launched, can I change the VPC security groups it belongs to?

A. Only if the tag "VPC_Change_Group" is true

B. Yes. You can.

C. No. You cannot.

D. Only if the tag "VPC Change Group" is true 

Answer: B

Q260. Read Replicas require a transactional storage engine and are only supported for the _ _ storage engine



C. InnoDB

D. IV|y|SAIV| 

Answer: C

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