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October 11, 2017

The Secret of AWS-Certified-Developer-Associate test engine

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Q51. A user is setting up an Elastic Load BaIancer(ELB). Which of the below parameters should the user consider so as the instance gets registered with the ELB?


B. IP address

C. Security group




The EC2 instances are registered with the load balancer using the IP addresses associated with the instances. When an instance is stopped and then started, the IP address associated with the instance changes. This prevents the load balancer from routing traffic to the restarted instance. When the user stops and then starts registered EC2 instances, it is recommended that to de-register the stopped instance from load balancer, and then register the restarted instance. Failure to do so may prevent the load balancer from performing health checks and routing the traffic to the restarted instance.

Q52. The user has created multiple AutoScaIing groups. The user is trying to create a new AS group but it fails. How can the user know that he has reached the AS group limit specified by AutoScaIing in that region?

A. Run the command: as-describe-account-limits

B. Run the command: as-describe-group-limits

C. Run the command: as-max-account-limits

D. Run the command: as-list-account-limits 

Answer: A


A user can see the number of AutoScaIing resources currently allowed for the AWS account either by using the as-describe-account-Iimits command or by calling the DescribeAccountLimits action. Reference:http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AutoScaIing/latest/DeveIoperGuide/ts-as-capacity.html

Q53. What is the data model of DynamoDB?

A. "Items", with Keys and one or more Attribute; and "Attribute", with Name and Value.

B. "Database", which is a set of "TabIes", which is a set of "Items", which is a set of "Attributes".

C. "TabIe", a collection of Items; "Items", with Keys and one or more Attribute; and "Attribute", with Name and Value.

D. "Database", a collection of Tables; "TabIes", with Keys and one or more Attribute; and "Attribute", with Name and Value.



The data model of DynamoDB is: "TabIe", a collection of Items;

"Items", with Keys and one or more Attribute; "Attribute", with Name and Value.

Reference:        http://docs.aws.amazon.com/amazondynamodb/latest/developerguide/DataModeI.html

Q54. A user wants to configure AutoScaIing which scales up when the CPU utilization is above 70% and scales down when the CPU utilization is below 30%. How can the user configure AutoScaIing for the above mentioned condition?

A. Use AutoScaIing with a schedule

B. Configure ELB to notify AutoScaIing on load increase or decrease

C. Use dynamic AutoScaIing with a policy

D. Use AutoScaIing by manually modifying the desired capacity during a condition 

Answer: C


The user can configure the AutoScaIing group to automatically scale up and then scale down based on the specified conditions. To configure this, the user must setup policies which will get triggered by the C|oudWatch alarms.



Q55. You have been doing a lot of testing of your VPC Network by deliberately failing EC2 instances to test whether instances are failing over properly. Your customer who will be paying the AWS bill for all this asks you if he being charged for all these instances. You try to explain to him how the billing works on EC2 instances to the best of your knowledge. What would be an appropriate response to give to the customer

in regards to this?

A. Billing commences when Amazon EC2 AMI instance is completely up and billing ends as soon as the instance starts to shutdown.

B. Billing commences when Amazon EC2 initiates the boot sequence of an AMI instance and billing ends when the instance shuts down.

C. Billing only commences only after 1 hour of uptime and billing ends when the instance terminates.

D. Billing commences when Amazon EC2 initiates the boot sequence of an AMI instance and billing ends as soon as the instance starts to shutdown.



Billing commences when Amazon EC2 initiates the boot sequence of an AMI instance. Billing ends when the instance shuts down, which could occur through a web services command, by running "shutdown -h", or through instance failure.

Reference: http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/faqs/#BiIIing

Q56. A user is running a webserver on EC2. The user wants to receive the SMS when the EC2 instance utilization is above the threshold limit. Which AWS services should the user configure in this case?

A. AWS CIoudWatch + AWS SES.

B. AWS CIoudWatch + AWS SNS.

C. AWS CIoudWatch + AWS SQS.

D. AWS EC2 + AWS Cloudwatch. 

Answer: B


Amazon SNS makes it simple and cost-effective to push to mobile devices, such as iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle Fire, and internet connected smart devices, as well as pushing to other distributed services. In this case, the user can configure that Cloudwatch sends an alarm on when the threshold is crossed to SNS which will trigger an SMS.

Reference: http://aws.amazon.com/sns/

Q57. A user is creating a snapshot of an EBS volume. Which of the below statements is incorrect in relation to the creation of an EBS snapshot?

A. Its incremental

B. It can be used to launch a new instance

C. It is stored in the same AZ as the volume

D. It is a point in time backup of the EBS volume 

Answer: C


The EBS snapshots are a point in time backup of the EBS volume. It is an incremental snapshot, but is always specific to the region and never specific to a single AZ.

Hence the statement "|t is stored in the same AZ as the volume" is incorrect.

Reference:       http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/EBSSnapshots.htmI

Q58. A user has created a blank EBS volume in the US-East-1 region. The user is unable to attach the volume to a running instance in the same region. What could be the possible reason for this?

A. The instance must be in a running state. It is required to stop the instance to attach volume

B. The AZ for the instance and volume are different

C. The instance is from an instance store backed AMI

D. The instance has enabled the volume attach protection 

Answer: B


An EBS volume provides persistent data storage. The user can attach a volume to any instance provided they are both in the same AZ. Even if they are in the same region but in a different AZ, it will not be able to attach the volume to that instance.

Reference:       http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/AmazonEBS.htmI

Q59. A user is creating multiple IAM users. What advice should be given to him to enhance the security?

A. Grant least prMleges to the indMdual user

B. Grant all higher prMleges to the group

C. Grant less prMleges for user, but higher prMleges for the group

D. Grant more prMleges to the user, but least prMleges to the group 

Answer: A


It is a recommended rule that the root user should grant the least prMleges to the IAM user or the group. The higher the prMleges, the more problems it can create.

Reference:       http://docs.aws.amazon.com/IAM/latest/UserGuide/IAMBestPractices.htmI

Q60. A user is configuring the HTTPS protocol on a front end ELB and the SSL protocol for the back-end listener in ELB. What will ELB do?

A. It will allow you to create the configuration, but the instance will not pass the health check

B. Receives requests on HTTPS and sends it to the back end instance on SSL

C. It will not allow you to create this configuration

D. It will allow you to create the configuration, but ELB will not work as expected 

Answer: C


If a user is configuring HTTPS on the front end and TCP on the back end, ELB will not allow saving these listeners and will respond with the message.

"Load Balancer protocol is an application layer protocol, but instance protocol is not. Both the Load Balancer protocol and the instance protocol should be at the same layer. Please fix."



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