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November 3, 2017

4A0-102 study guides(81 to 88) for IT specialist: Nov 2017 Edition

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Q81. Which of the following organizations would an ISP based in Europe approach for an IP prefixassignment? 







Q82. Click the exhibit. 

Routers C and E are route reflectors. When the update for prefix is received atrouter F, what will be the Originator_ID attribute? 

A. The router ID of router A. 

B. The router ID of router B. 

C. The router ID of router C. 

D. It will not be set. 


Q83. What kind of BGP attribute is the Local Preference? 

A. Optional transitive attribute. 

B. Optional non-transitive attribute. 

C. Well-known mandatory attribute. 

D. Well-known discretionary attribute. 


Q84. Click the exhibit. 

AS 65100 is advertising into BGP. Which of the following AS Paths would theprefix contain when viewed on router R7? 

A. 65206 65202 65100 

B. (65206 65202)65100 

C. (65204 65206 65202) 65100 

D. (65200) 65100 


Q85. Which of the following about a single-homed AS is FALSE? 

A. A single-homed AS is also known as a stub AS. 

B. A single-homed AS is also known as a leaf AS. 

C. A single-homed AS uses either the ISP AS number or a private AS number. 

D. A single-homed AS can be either transit or non-transit 


Q86. Which of the following is NOT a goal of BGP routing policies? 

A. To protect external networks from instability. 

B. To communicate the architecture of an AS to external ASs. 

C. To protect the local AS and other external ASs from bad NLRI. 

D. To optimize ingress and egress traffic patterns to best serve the users of the AS. 


Q87. Click the exhibit. 

AS 65550 owns CIDR block Router R3 is advertising Client1 and Client2networksinto BGP. Router R6 advertises the aggregate to AS 65541 with"summary-only"enabled. Which of the following routes are received by router R7? 

A. Client1, Client2 and the aggregate. 

B. Only the aggregate. 

C. Only Client1 and the aggregate. 

D. Only Client2 and the aggregate. 


Q88. Which of the following regarding BGP Path Identifier is FALSE? 

A. Path-ID is a four-octet identifier pre-pended to the NLRI field of a BGP update. 

B. Path-ID is an optional transitive attribute used to advertise multiple paths. 

C. Path-ID uniquely identifies each path advertised to a neighbor. 

D. A BGP speaker that re-advertises a route must generate its own Path-ID. 


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