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February 16, 2017

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Q61. Router R1, in AS 65540, has the export policy shown below. It advertises an aggregate route toeBGP peer router R2 in 65550. What is the AS Path of the aggregate route received by router R2? 

A. 65540 

B. 65540 1 

C. 65540 65540 

D. 65550 65540 


Q62. Click the exhibit. 

Over which BGP session will router B learn the prefix? 

A. The session between router A and router B. 

B. The session between router C and router B. 

C. The session between router D and router B. 

D. Router B will learn the prefix over all of the sessions, then it will choose the best route. 


Q63. Which of the following about a single-homed AS is FALSE? 

A. A single-homed AS is also known as a stub AS. 

B. A single-homed AS is also known as a leaf AS. 

C. A single-homed AS uses either the ISP AS number or a private AS number. 

D. A single-homed AS can be either transit or non-transit 


Q64. Click the exhibit. 

Router R1 is a route reflector with clients R2, R5 and R6. Router R3 advertises the prefix192.168.1.0/27 to routers R5 and R6. Assuming that routers R1, R2 and R4 are configured with"add-paths ipv4 send 2 receive", what is the expected output of "show router bgp routes" whenexecuted on router R2? 

A. Option A B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q65. Which of the following statements regarding the Internet is FALSE? 

A. It is a global network relying on interconnections provided by Internet service providers. 

B. It is a continuous and interconnected set of public IP networks, advertised and shared acrossthe globe. 

C. It is a settlement-free global network that provides interconnection between Internet serviceproviders. 

D. It is a network that allows any Internet service provider to reach every other Internet serviceprovider in the world. 


Renovate 4A0-102 exam question:

Q66. Click the exhibit. 

Assuming a full iBGP mesh in ISP 1, how does router R1 in ISP 1 handle a BGP update receivedfrom ISP 2? 

A. The update is sent to router R2 in ISP 1. 

B. The update is sent to routers R2 and R3 in ISP 1. 

C. The update is sent to all routers in ISP 1. 

D. The update is sent to routers R2 and R3 in ISP 1, and to router R3 in ISP 2. 


Q67. Click the exhibit. 

Routers RR1 are RR2 are redundant route reflectors for clients R3 and R4. Which of the followingis a valid configuration on router RR1? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C 

D. Option D 


Q68. Click the exhibit. 

Assume all router-IDs are properly configured. Which of the following configurations is requiredonthe Alcatel-Lucent 7750 SR router A to establish an IPv6 BGP session to router D? 

A. Option A 

B. Option B 

C. Option C D. Option D 


Q69. Which of the following regarding BGP confederations is FALSE? 

A. The entire confederation is viewed as a single AS by an eBGP peer. 

B. Within a confederation, each member AS is considered as a stand-alone AS. 

C. Member ASs within a confederation can use route reflection. 

D. Member ASs must be fully meshed within a confederation. 


Q70. The following policies are configured and exported using "export "Policy-1" "Policy-2"". Assumingboth "Client-1" and "Client-2" are properly defined on the router, which routes are advertised? 

A. Client-1 routes only. 

B. Client-2 routes only. 

C. Client-1 and Client-2 routes. 

D. Neither Client-1 nor Client-2 routes. 


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