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November 21, 2018

Surprising 400 101 dumps

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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

Q1. Two routers are connected on a PPP link using CHAP authentication by default which value will

the routers use as t identification on the link?

A. Their host names

B. Their IP address on the connected link

C. Their interface numbers

D. Their serial numbers

Answer: A

Q2. Which PIM multicast type is designed to be used for many-to-many applications Within individual

PIM domains?


B. Bidir-PIM



Answer: B

Q3. In which way does the Bridge Assurance mechanism modify the default spanning-tree behavior

in an effort to prevent bridging loops?

A. IF BPDUs are no longer received on a port, the switch immediately sends a out a TCN BPDU.

B. Extended topology information is encoded into all BPDUs.

C. BPDUs are sent bidirectional on all active networks ports, including blocked and alternate ports.

D. Received BPDUs are looped back toward the sender to ensure that link is bidirectional.

Answer: C

Q4. Which IS-IS router type can have neighbors in any area?

A. Level 1/Level 2 Intermediate System only

B. Both Level 1 Intermediate Systems and Level 2 Intermediate Systems

C. Level 2 Intermediate System only

D Both Level 1/Level 2 Intermediate Systems and Level 2 Intermediate Systems

D. Level 1 Intermediate System only

Answer: A

Q5. Which enhancement does IGMP version 3 offer over IGMP version 2?

A. support for Source Specific Multicast

B. a mechanism to decrease leave latency

C. authentication of multicast streams

D. backward compatibility with IGMP version 1

Answer: A

Q6. Which IPv6 tunneling method allows Host A to communicate with Host B within the same site?


B. 6to4


D. Manual

Answer: A

Q7. Which three statements about BGP soft reconfiguration are true? (choose three.

A. Outbound soft reconfiguration requires additional configuration on the BGP neighbor

B. Inbound soft reconfiguration requires additional memory

C. Outbound soft reconfiguration requires additional memory

D. Inbound soft reconfiguration stores an additional copy of the received from a neighbor before routing policies take effect

E. Inbound soft reconfiguration requires additional memory

F. Outbound soft reconfiguration stores an additional copy of the routes advertised to a neighbor before routing policies take effect

Answer: B,E,F

Q8. What are the two requirements for BGP to install a classful network into the BGP routing table?

(Choose two.)

A. Synchronization is disabled.

B. The AS contains the entire classful network.

C. Auto-summary is enabled.

D. A classful network is statement with a classful mask is in the routing table.

E. A classful network statement with a lower administrative distance ~he routing table.

F. Synchronization is enabled.

Answer: C,D

Q9. Which two configuration options are available for PIM snooping? (Choose two.)

A. On a specific interface on the device.

B. On a range of interfaces on the device.

C. Under the VLAN in VLAN configuration mode.

D. Globally on the device.

E. Under the SVI for the corresponding VLAN.

Answer: D,E

Q10. If EIGRP and OSPF are configured within an administrative domain for the same network, which value can you change so that the OSPF becomes the installed routing protocol for all routes?

A. Local preference

B. Metric


D. Administrative distance

E. Prefix length

Answer: D

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