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November 21, 2018

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New Cisco 400-101 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

Refer to exhibit R2 is configured as the R1 neighbor in area 51, but R2 fails to receive the configured summary route. Which action can you take to correct the problem?

A. Replace the summary .address command with the area-range command

B. Configure a summary address under R1interfate GigabitEthernet0/0

C. Configure a summary address under R1 interface GigabREthernet1/0

D. Configure the no discard-route command in the OSPF process of R1

E. Gonfigure ip ospf nu00e9twork broadcast under the Loopback0 interface of R1

Answer: A

New Questions 4

Which description of Infrastructure as a Service is true?

A. a cloud service that delivers on-demand resources like networking and storage.

B. a cloud service that delivers on-demand internet connection between sites

C. a cloud service that delivers on-demand software services on a subscription

D. a cloud service that delivers on-demand internet connection between sites

Answer: A

New Questions 5

Which two characteristics of an loT network are true ? (Choose two)

A. loT networks must be designed for low-powered devices

B. loT network are 100% reliable.

C. The transmission rate in an loT network is consistent.

D. loT networks are bandwidth constrained.

E. loT networks use IS-IS for routing.

Answer: A,C

New Questions 6

Which three responses can a remote RADIUS server return to a client? (choose three.

A. Reject-Access

B. Access-Accept

C. Access-Reject

D. Accept-confirmed

E. Reject-Challenge

F. Access-Challenge

Answer: B,C,F

New Questions 7

Which two EtherChannel modes can create an LACP EtherChannel?(Choose two)

A. on

B. active

C. passive

D. auto

E. desirable

Answer: B,C

New Questions 8


Refer to the exhibit. While troubleshooting an issue with a blocked switch port. you find this

error in the switch log. Which action should you take first to locate the problem?

A. Execute the show interface command to check FastEthernet 0/1

B. Check the attached switch for a BPDU filter

C. Test the link for unidirectional failures.

D. Check the attached switch for an interface configuration issue.

Answer: B

New Questions 9

Which ISAKMP feature can protect a GDOI from a hacker using a network sniffer while a security association is established?

A. An ISAKMP phase 1 security association

B. An ISAKMP phase 2 security association

C. The Proof of Possession(POP)

D. A ISAKMP phase 2 GROUPKEY-PUSH exchange

E. An ISAKMP phase 2 GROUPKEY-PULL exchange

Answer: A

New Questions 10

Which two statements about route summarization are true?(Choose two.)

A. EIGRP can summarize routes at the classful network boundary

B. EIGRP and RIPv2 route summarize are configured with the ip summary-address command under the route..

C. It can be disabled in RIP,RIPv2 and EIGRP

D. It require a common set of high-order bits for all component routes

E. RIPv2 can summarize-routes beyond the classful network boundary

Answer: A,D

New Questions 11


if the web server has been configured to listen only to TCP port 8080 for all HTTP requests

, which command can you enter to how internet users to access the web server on HTTP port 80?

A. ip nat inside source static tcp 80 8080

B. ip nat outside source static tcp 80 8080

C. ip nat outside source static tcp 8080 80

D. ip nat inside source static tcp 8080 80

Answer: D

New Questions 12

Refer to the exhibit.

Which effect of this configuration is ture?

A. It configures a PPPoE server.

B. It configures a PPPoE client.

C. It configures a PPPoE neighbor relationship with a Layer 3 switch.

D. It configures a PPPoE session with an ISP.

Answer: A

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