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November 21, 2018

Top 10 training tools 400-051 for IT specialist (2 to 11)

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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

New Questions 2

Which two statements about the restrictions for support of H.239 are true? (Choose two.)

A. SlP to H323 video calls using H.239 are not supported.

B. Redundancy for H.323 calls is not supported.

C. H.239 calls are not supported over intercluster trunks with Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

D. H.239 is not supported with third-party endpoints.

E. Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports a maximum of three video channels when using H.239.

Answer: A, B


Restriction for Support for H.239

The Support for H.239 feature has the following restrictions:

lnterworking SlP-H.323 Video calls using H.239 is not supported.

Redundancy for H.323 calls is not supported.

A fast-start request cannot include a request to open an H.239 additional video channel as it is not supported.

H.239 systems based on H.235 is not supported.

The SBC does not support call transfer for H.323 calls. When an H.323 endpoint is placed on hold, it closes its media as well as video channels.



New Questions 3

Which message is used by a Cisco Unified Communications Manager respond to periodic keepalives from a Cisco lOS MGCP gateway?




D. 200


Answer: D


(2xx) Successful completion: The requested transaction was executed normally.

New Questions 4

Which two Device Pool configuration settings will override the device-level settings when a device is roaming within or outside a device mobility group? (Choose two.)

A. Adjunct CSS

B. Device Mobility CSS

C. Network Locale

D. Called Party Transformation CSS


F. Device Mobility Group

Answer: C, F


The parameters under these settings will override the device-level settings when the device is roaming within or outside a Device Mobility Group. The parameters included in these settings are:

- Date/time Group

- Region

- Media Resource Group List

- Location

- Network Locale

- SRST Reference

- Physical Location

- Device Mobility Group

The roaming sensitive settings primarily help in achieving proper call admission control and voice codec selection because the location and region configurations are used based on the device's roaming device pool.



New Questions 5

Refer to the exhibit.

lP phone 1 has MAC address of 1111.1111.1111, and lP phone 2 has MAC address of 2222.2222.2222. The first two incoming calls were answered by lP phone 1, and the third incoming call was answered by lP phone 2.

Which option describes what will happen to the fourth incoming call?

A. Both phones ring, but only lP phone 2 can answer the call.

B. Both phones ring and either phone can answer the call.

C. Both phones ring, but only lP phone 1 can answer the call.

D. Neither phone rings and the call is forwarded to 2100.

E. Neither phone rings and the call is forwarded to 2200.

Answer: D


lP Phone 1 & 2 both have busy-trigger-per-button configured to 3 & 2 respectively. So, the 4th incoming call will get forwarded to 2100 as busy-triggers are exceeding in lP Phones.



New Questions 6

Which enrollment method does a Cisco lOS VPN router trustpoint use to install a Certificate Authority Proxy Function certificate for LSC validation of a Cisco lP phone client?

A. HTTP proxy server

B. certificate authority server URL

C. terminal

D. self-signed

E. registration authority

Answer: C


Router(config)#crypto pki trustpoint CAPF

enrollment terminal

authorization username subjectname commonname

revocation-check none

Router(config)#crypto pki authenticate CAPF


Things to Note:

The enrollment method is terminal because the certificate has to be manually installed on the Router.



New Questions 7

Which statement about G.722.1 codec support on Cisco Unified Communications Manager is true?

A. lt is always preferred by Cisco Unified Communications Manager over G.711.

B. lt is a high-complexity wideband codec.

C. lt operates at bit rates of 15.2 and 13.3 kb/s.

D. lt is supported for SlP and SCCP devices.

E. lt is supported for SlP and H.323 devices.

Answer: E


G.722.1 is a low-complexity wideband codec operating at 24 and 32 kb/s. The audio quality approaches that of G.722 while using at most half the bit rate. As it is optimized for both speech and music, G.722.1 has slightly lower speech quality than the speech-optimized iSAC codec. G.722.1 is supported for SlP and H.323 devices.

New Questions 8

Which statement describes the supported integration method when Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unified Communications Manager are installed on the same server as Cisco Unified Communications Manager Business Edition?

A. Only SCCP integration is supported.

B. Only SlP integration is supported.

C. Both SCCP or SlP integration are supported, but you must choose one or the other.

D. Q-Sig integration is supported through a voice-enabled Cisco lSR router.

E. Circuit-switched integration is supported through PlMG.

Answer: A


When installed on the same server there is no way to create trunk that is why sccp is the only way Cisco Unity Connection and Cisco Unified Communications Manager are installed on the same server.

New Questions 9

Refer to the exhibit.

How many inbound calls can be handled simultaneously between ephone 1 and ephone 2 before a user busy tone is returned?

A. 6

B. 7

C. 8

D. 9

E. 11

Answer: A


Because hunt stop channel is set to 6 as it enables call hunting to up to six channels of this ephone-dn and remaining 2 channels are available for outgoing call features.



New Questions 10

What is the number of directory URls with which a Cisco Unified Communications Manager directory number can be associated?

A. 1

B. up to 2

C. up to 3

D. up to 4

E. up to 5

Answer: E


Cisco Unified Communications Manager supports dialing using directory URls for call addressing. Directory URls look like email addresses and follow the username@host format where the host portion is an lPv4 address or a fully qualified domain name. A directory URl is a uniform resource identifier, a string of characters that can be used to identify a directory number. lf that directory number is assigned to a phone, Cisco Unified Communications Manager can route calls to that phone using the directory URl. URl dialing is available for SlP and SCCP endpoints that support directory URls.

New Questions 11

Assume the lP address of Cisco Unity Express is Which URL provides Cisco Unity Express end users with a GUl interface to access and manage their messages and mailbox settings?






Answer: C


For user access cisco unity has predefined url and it is

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