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July 28, 2018

Top 10 testing software 400-051 for examinee (3 to 12)

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New Cisco 400-051 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 3 - Question 12)

New Questions 3

Which three softkeys can be offered on a Cisco lP Phone 7965, running SCCP firmware, when it is in Ring ln state? (Choose three)

A. iDivert


C. Answer

D. NewCall

E. EndCall

F. CallBack

Answer: A, B, C

New Questions 4

Which option is a mandatory softkey for a Cisco lP 7965, running SCCP firmware, in the Off Hook call state?

A. Redial

B. NewCall

C. EndCall

D. CfwdAll

E. There is no mandatory softkey in the Off Hook call state.

Answer: E

New Questions 5

Which Cisco Unified CM service is responsible for writing Call Detail Records into flat files?

A. Cisco CallManager

B. Cisco CDR Agent

C. Cisco CDR Repository Manager

D. Cisco SOAP - CallRecord Service

E. Cisco Extended Functions

Answer: A

New Questions 6

Refer to the Exhibit.

An Engineer is troubleshooting transcoding issue in a remote branch office. After a WAN outage all ip phones can register to a CME in SRST 2900 lSR Router.

However, the users reported that calls disconnect after pressing the answer softkey.

Which three configurations are necessary for successful media resource failover? (Choose three.)

A. SCCP CCM GrouplAssociate CCM 3 priority 1

B. SCCP SSM identifier 3 version 7.0

C. Telephony-serviceSDSpfarm units 1SDSpfarm tag 1 XD-remote

D. Seep ccm identifier 1 version 7.0

E. Associated profile 3 register XD-remote2

F. Seep ccm group 1Associate ccm 3 priority 3

Answer: B,C,F

New Questions 7

Which three softkeys can be offered on a Cisco lP Phone 7965, running SCCP firmware, when it is in On Hold state? (Choose three.)

A. Select

B. Confrn

C. NewCall

D. EndCall

E. iDivert

F. Park

G. Hold

Answer: A, C, E

New Questions 8

Refer to the exhibit.

What caused this message on a Cisco 9971 lP phone, connected to a Cisco 3750X PoE switch, when a mobile phone is plugged into the lP Phone's back USB port?

A. The back USB port only supports Cisco USB devices such as a Cisco Unified Video camera

B. USB classes for this USB port are not properly configured

C. The USB port is not enabled by the administrator

D. The mobile phone is requesting more power than the USB port could provide

E. USB devices are not supported when the lP phone is powered by a Cisco PoE switch

Answer: D

New Questions 9

Refer to the exhibit.

An engineer is trying to provision an CUCME with three 8841 phones. However all phones fail to register. Which two changes in the configuration would allow the phones to register? (Choose two.)

A. The registrar server command must be added under the VOlCE register global configuration.

B. The lP address trusted authenticate command must be added under voice service voip.

C. The source-address command must be added under the voice register global configuration.

D. The local SlP proxy address must be configuration under the sip-ua configuration.

E. The registrar server command must be added under the sip section of voice service voip.

Answer: C,E

New Questions 10

A Cisco Unified Cm user is set up with one remote destination profile that has two remote destination numbers: the first destination number is the user's mobile phone in country A and the second is a mobile phone located in country . All outbound calls are centralized from the gateway at country A. The user reports that inbound calls are properly routed to the mobile phone as long as the user is in country A. But inbound calls are not successfully routed to country B. Which two options could be the cause of this? (Choose two)

A. The enable mobile connect option must be selected under the user's second remote destination number.

B. The value of remote destination limits should be chaned to 2 instead of the default value of 4 under the end user page.

C. The enable mobile voice access option must be selected under the end user page.

D. The value of maximum wait time for desk pickup should be changed to 20000 instead of the default of D. 10000, under the end user page.

E. The rerouting calling search space assigned to the user's remote destination profile must have access to international calls.

Answer: A,E

New Questions 11

Refer to the exhibit.

A Cisco collaboration engineer has been asked to remove the ability HQ phone 2 to dial HQ phone 1 by URl dialing. After removing the partition assigned to hqphone1@cisco.com HQ phone 2's CSS, HQ phone 2 is still able to reach HQ phone 1. Why is the HQ phone 1 still reachable using URl dialing?

A. Directory URl Alias partition has been defined in Enterprise parameters.

B. Phone needs to be reset for changes to take effect.

C. Directory URl partition cannot be deleted therefore still will be reachable.

D. CSS Changes failed to be applied after hitting save due to Database replication issues.

Answer: A

New Questions 12

The lnformation Technologies policy of your company mandates logging of all unsuccessful calls that resulted in reorder tone in Call Detail Records. Which option is the minimum Cisco Unified CM Service Parameter configuration that is needed to ensure compliance to this policy?

A. Set CDR Enabled Flag to True.

B. Set CDR Enabled Flag and CDR Log Calls with Zero Duration Flag to True.

C. Set CDR Enabled Flag to True and set Call Diagnostics Enabled to Enable Only When CDR Enabled Flag is True.

D. Set CDR Enabled Flag to True and set Call Diagnostics Enabled to Enable Regardless of CDR Enabled Flag.

E. Leave CDR Enabled Flag and Call Diagnostics Enabled to their default settings.

Answer: A

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