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July 7, 2017

Top 10 ebook 400-051 for examinee (81 to 90)

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Q81. When a Cisco IOS gatekeeper receives an ARQ from a registered endpoint, what is the first step it will take in an attempt to resolve the destination address? 

A. Check to see if the destination address is locally registered. 

B. Check to see if the destination address matches the technology prefix. 

C. Check to see if the destination address matches the local zone prefix. 

D. Check to see if the destination address matches the remote zone prefix. 

E. Check to see if the destination address matches the default technology prefix. 


Q82. Refer to the exhibit. 

Your customer sent you this debug output, captured on a Cisco IOS router (router A), to troubleshoot a problem where all H.323 calls that originate from another Cisco IOS router (router B) are being dropped almost immediately after arriving at router A. What is the reason for these disconnected calls? 

A. Calls were unsuccessful because of internal, memory-related problems on router A. 

B. Calls were rejected because the called number was denied on a configured class of restriction list on router A. 

C. Calls were rejected because the VoIP dial peer 1002 was not operational. 

D. Calls were unsuccessful because the router B IP address was not found in the trusted source IP address list on router A. 

E. Calls were rejected by router A because it received an admission reject from its gatekeeper because of toll fraud suspicion. 


Q83. Refer to the exhibit. 

How many simultaneous outbound calls are possible with this Cisco Unified Communications Manager Express configuration on these two phones? 

A. 6 

B. 7 

C. 8 

D. 9 

E. 11 


Q84. Refer to the exhibit. 

How many SIP signaling dialog(s) took place in this SIP message exchange between two SIP user agents? 

A. 1 

B. 2 

C. 3 

D. 4 

E. 5 

F. 6 


Q85. Refer to the exhibit. 

Assuming that the administrator has never performed any manual custom uploads, which two file types can be found when you choose Software Upgrades, followed by TFTP File Management on the Cisco Unified Operating System Administration web page for Cisco Unified Communications Manager? (Choose two.) 

A. IP phone configuration files 

B. announcement audio files 

C. ringer files 

D. IP phone license files 

E. sample music-on-hold audio files 

F. softkey template files 

Answer: BC 

Q86. Which two statements about using the Load Server option for IP phone firmware distribution are true? (Choose two.) 

A. This option must be enabled on at least two servers in a Cisco Unified Communications Manager cluster. 

B. This option must be enabled on Cisco Unified Communications Manager service parameters for Cisco TFTP. 

C. Phone firmware must be manually copied to any applicable load servers. 

D. The load server will not function if its IP address is not in the same subnet as the IP phones. 

E. This option is only available for newer IP phone models. 

F. This option does not accommodate falling back to Cisco TFTP on error. 

Answer: CF 

Q87. Which SIP request method enables reliability of SIP 1xx response types? 







Q88. Which two statements describe characteristics of Binary Floor Control Protocol? (Choose two.) 

A. Its binary encoding is designed to work in high-bandwidth environments. 

B. It is designed for audio or video conference sessions of three or more participants. 

C. It enables management of shared content resources independent of video streams. 

D. It supports TLS-based authentication. 

E. It supports SIP as well as H.323. 

Answer: CD 

Q89. Which method allows administrators to determine the best match impedance on analog voice ports in Cisco IOS router without having to shut and no shut the ports? 

A. THL tone sweep 

B. original tone sweep 

C. ECAN test 

D. inject-tone local sweep 

E. remote loop 


Q90. Assume 6 bytes for the Layer 2 header, 1 byte for the end-of-frame flag, and a 40-millisecond voice payload, how much bandwidth should be allocated to the strict priority queue for five VoIP calls that use a G.729 codec over a multilink PPP link? 

A. 87 kb/s 

B. 134 kb/s 

C. 102.6 kb/s 

D. 77.6 kb/s 

E. 71.3 kb/s 


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