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August 9, 2017

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Q41. What feature is a benefit of using Cisco UCS blade servers for data center virtualization? 

A. guest VM high availability 

B. converged LAN and SAN infrastructure 

C. host based etherchannel 

D. built-in hypervisor 


Q42. Which VPN technology is tunnel-less? 




D. IPsec VPN 


Q43. Which two technologies provide web and URL filtering and mitigate zero-day malware? (Choose two.) 

A. Cisco CWS 

B. Cisco WSA 

C. Cisco GETVPN 

D. Cisco ESA 


Answer: A,B 

Q44. An organization is deploying a new load balancing environment to support sensitive applications. The security requirements include discrete IP segments used for VIPs and for the application hosts. What load balancer mode meets the requirements? 

A. router 

B. bridge 

C. transparent 

D. pass-through 


Q45. Which option prevents the dropping of asymmetrically routed packets in active/active failover paired firewalls? 

A. Nothing can be done to prevent this from happening. 

B. Configure different policies on both firewalls. 

C. Assign similar interfaces on each firewall to the same asymmetric routing group. 

D. Assign similar interfaces on each firewall to a different asymmetric routing group. 


Q46. Which feature supports multiple routing tables with overlapping networks on a single device? 


B. Metro Ethernet 




Q47. Which two protocol characteristics should be most considered when designing a single unified fabric for the Data Center? (Choose two.) 

A. FCIP or FCoE allow for easier integration by using the Fibre Channel Protocol (FCP) and Fibre Channel framing 

B. iSCSI uses a special EtherType and an additional header containing additional control information 

C. FCIP and iSCSI has higher overhead than FCoE owing to TCP/IP 

D. FCoE was initially developed to be used as a switch-to-switch protocol, while FCIP is primarily meant to be used as an access layer protocol to connect hosts and storage to a Fibre Channel SAN 

E. FCoE requires gateway functionality to integrate into an existing Fibre Channel network 

Answer: A,C 

Q48. Which four primary attributes define a WAN service? (Choose four.) 

A. bandwidth 

B. bursting capacity 

C. memory 


E. QoS classes and policies 

F. latency 

G. multicast support 

Answer: A,B,E,G 

Q49. What are two characteristics of Server Load Balancing router mode? (Choose two.) 

A. The design supports multiple server subnets. 

B. An end-user sees the IP address of the real server. 

C. SLB routes between the outside and inside subnets. 

D. The source or destination MAC address is rewritten, but the IP addresses left alone. 

E. SLB acts as a "bump in the wire" between servers and upstream firewall or Layer 3 devices. 

Answer: A,C 

Q50. What are two benefits of using 6to4 as an IPv6 transition method? (Choose two.) 

A. 6to4 tunnels allow isolated IPv6 domains to be remotely connected over IPv4 networks. 

B. Manual configuration (scalability) is easier. 

C. Point-to-multipoint automatic tunneling (automatic 6to4) is available. 

D. An infinite number of address spaces are allocated to an IPv6 subnet. 

E. Globally unique IPv4 addresses are not required. 

Answer: A,C 

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