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August 5, 2017

Advanced Guide: cisco 300 320 dumps

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Q31. Which configuration represents resiliency at the hardware and software layers? 

A. multiple connections and FHRP 


C. redundant supervisor and power supplies 

D. dual uplinks and switches 


Q32. What is the maximum number of neighbors that a router should have in an OSPF area? 

A. 5 

B. 30 

C. 60 

D. 99 


Q33. On which two types of links should routing protocol peerings be established according to best practice? (Choose two.) 

A. distribution links 

B. end user links 

C. transit links 

D. core links 

Answer: C,D 

Q34. Private lines make use of which connection type based on cell switching? 






Q35. Which of the following facts must be considered when designing for IP telephony within an Enterprise Campus network? 

A. Because the IP phone is a three-port switch, IP telephony extends the network edge, impacting the Distribution layer. 

B. Video and voice are alike in being bursty and bandwidth intensive, and thus impose requirements to be lossless, and have minimized delay and jitter. 

C. IP phones have no voice and data VLAN separation, so security policies must be based on upper layer traffic characteristics. 

D. Though multi-VLAN access ports are set to dot1q and carry more than two VLANs they are not trunk ports. 


Q36. Which two services are provided at the aggregation layer in a data center design? (Choose two.) 

A. service module integration 

B. default gateway redundancy 

C. high-speed packet switching backplane 

D. network interface card teaming 

E. Layer 3 domain definitions 

Answer: A,B 

Q37. Which option is a recommended firewall topology? 

A. using two firewalls with stateful failover switched mode 

B. using one firewall with NAT enabled in transparent mode 

C. using two firewalls in active/active mode 

D. using one firewall with stateful failover enabled in routed mode 


Q38. From a design perspective which two of the following OSPF statements are most relevant? (Choose two) 

A. OSPF stub areas can be thought of as a simple form of summarization 

B. OSPF cannot filter intra-area routes 

C. An ABR can only exist in two areas - the backbone and one adjacent area 

D. Performance issues in the Backbone area can be offset by allowing some traffic to transit a non-backbone area 

E. The size of an area (the LSDB) will be constrained by the size of the IP MTU 

Answer: A,B 

Q39. A e-commerce network has many devices that often need to be upgraded on a regular basis. What technology will ensure IP packets continue to be forwarded even during a device failover? 

A. stateful switchover 

B. nonstop forwarding 

C. route processor redundancy 

D. optimized edge routing 

E. enhanced object tracking 


Q40. Which three statements about firewall modes are correct? (Choose three.) 

A. A firewall in routed mode has one IP address. 

B. A firewall in transparent mode has one IP address. 

C. In routed mode, the firewall is considered to be a Layer 2 device. 

D. In routed mode, the firewall is considered to be a Layer 3 device. 

E. In transparent mode, the firewall is considered to be a Layer 2 device. 

F. In transparent mode, the firewall is considered to be a Layer 3 device. 

Answer: B,D,E 

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