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August 4, 2017

[Update] 300 320 vce

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Q21. Distinct, physical redundancy within a network layer is a key characteristic that contributes to the high availability of the hierarchical network design. Which of the following is not an examples of this model? 

A. SAN extension with dual fabrics such as a yellow VSAN and a blue VSAN utilized via multipath software 

B. Redundant power supplies and hot-swappable fan trays in Aggregate switches 

C. A single SAN fabric with redundant uplinks and switches 

D. Servers using network adapter teaming software connected to dual-attached access switches 


Q22. Which protocol will not adhere to the design requirement of the control plane being either separated or combined within a virtualization technology? 




D. NSF with SSO 


Q23. Which statement about NIC teaming configurations is true? 

A. With ALB, all ports use one IP address and multiple MAC addresses. 

B. With AFT, two NICs connect to the different switches. 

C. With SFT, all ports are active. 

D. With AFT, all ports use one IP address and multiple MAC addresses. 


Q24. What SAN technology can accomplish fabric infrastructure implementation using multiple fabrics? 






Q25. Which two network management capabilities that are embedded in Cisco IOS Software will baseline existing application traffic? (Choose two.) 

A. Syslog 

B. AutoQoS 

C. NetFlow 



F. Logging 

Answer: C,E 

Q26. Which of the following should the Enterprise Campus network designer consider with respect to Video traffic? 

A. While it is expected that the sum of all forms of video traffic will grow to over 90% by 2013, the Enterprise will be spared this rapid adoption of video by consumers through a traditional top-down approach 

B. Avoid bandwidth starvation due to video traffic by preventing and controlling the wide adoption of unsupported video applications 

C. Which traffic model is in use, the flow direction for the traffic streams between the application components, and the traffic trends for each video application 

D. Streaming video applications are sensitive to delay while interactive video applications, using TCP as the underlying transport, are fairly tolerant of delay and jitter 


Q27. With respect to address summarization, which of the following statements concerning IPv4 and IPv6 is true? 

A. The potential size of the IPv6 address blocks suggests that address summarization favors IPv6 over IPv4. 

B. Role based addressing using wildcard masks to match multiple subnets is suitable for IPv4, but unsuitable for IPv6. 

C. In order to summarize, the number of subnets in the IPv4 address block should be a power of 2 while the number of subnets in the IPv6 address block should be a power of 64. 

D. WAN link addressing best supports summarization with a /126 subnet for IPv4 and a /31 for IPv6. 


Q28. Which of the following is true regarding the effect of EIGRP queries on the network design? 

A. EIGRP queries will be the most significant issue with respect to stability and convergence 

B. EIGRP queries are not a consideration as long as EIGRP has a feasible successor with a next hop AD that is greater than the FD of the current successor route 

C. EIGRP queries will only increase the convergence time when there are no EIGRP stubs designed in the network 


Q29. When designing the routing for an Enterprise Campus network it is important to keep which of the following route filtering aspects in mind? 

A. Filtering is only useful when combined with route summarization 

B. It is best to filter (allow) the default and summary prefixes only in the Enterprise Edge to remote sites or site-to-site IPsec VPN networks 

C. IGPs (for example EIGRP or OSPF) are superior to route filtering in avoiding inappropriate transit traffic through remote nodes or inaccurate or inappropriate routing updates 

D. The primary limitation of router filtering is that it can only be applied on outbound updates 


Q30. Which option is a common cause of congestion found in a campus network? 

A. input serialization delay 

B. output serialization delay 

C. Rx-queue starvation 

D. Tx-queue starvation 


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