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July 10, 2017

Get Smart with 2v0 621 vce

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Q101. An administrator enables High Availability (HA) on a Virtual SAN cluster. 

There are four vmkernel port groups with the following IP addresses assigned: 



Virtual SAN: 

Fault TolerancE. 

Which IP address will HA use for traffic? 






Q102. An administrator wants to select a Host Power Management Policy for an ESXi 6.x host that will disable most hardware power management features. 

Which Host Power Management Policy should be selected to meet this requirement? 

A. High Performance 

B. Balanced 

C. Low Power 

D. Disabled 


Q103. An administrator is deploying ESXi 6.x hosts using Auto Deploy and wants the image profile to be available, even after closing and opening a new PowerCLI window. 

Which command can be used to ensure that image profiles are preserved across PowerCLI sessions? 

A. Set-EsxImageProfile 

B. Export-EsxImageProfile 

C. Save-EsxImageProfile 

D. Preserve-EsxImageProfile 


Q104. Deletion of an NFS datastore generates the following error: 

Sysinfo error on operation returned the following status: Busy 

Which step can be performed that will allow the deletion to complete successfully? 

A. Storage vMotion any virtual machines on the datastore to another location. 

B. Remove the datastore from the Storage DRS cluster in which it resides. 

C. Verify the value of the NFS.HeartbeatDelta is not set to 0. 

D. Suspend any running virtual machines and unmount the NFS datstore. 


Q105. An administrator plans to use VMware Converter Standalone to convert a virtual machine to a vSphere environment. The source virtual machine has these properties: 

. Running Windows 2008 R2 

. Contains one NTFS formatted volume 

During conversion, how many virtual disks can the administrator add to the destination virtual machine? 

A. 0 

B. 1 

C. 2 

D. 3 


Q106. During a vCenter Server upgrade, an ESXi 6.x host in a High Availability (HA) cluster fails. 

Which statement is true? 

A. HA will fail the virtual machines over to an available host during the vCenter Server upgrade process. 

B. HA is unavailable during the vCenter Server upgrade process. 

C. HA will fail the virtual machines over to an available host after the vCenter Server upgrade completes. 

D. HA will successfully vMotion the virtual machines during the host failure. 


Q107. Which two methods are recommended for managing the VMware Directory Service? (Choose two.) 

A. Utilize the vmdir command. 

B. Manage through the vSphere Web Client. 

C. Manage using the VMware Directory Service. 

D. Utilize the dc rep command. 

Answer: A,B 

Q108. An administrator is creating a new Content Library. It will subscribe to another remote Content Library without authentication enabled. 

What information from the published library will they need in order to complete the subscription? 

A. Subscription URL 

B. A security password from the publishing Content Library 

C. Publisher's Items.json file 

D. Username from the publishing Content Library 


Q109. Which three options are available for replacing vCenter Server Security Certificates? (Choose three.) 

A. Replace with Certificates signed by the VMware Certificate Authority. 

B. Make VMware Certificate Authority an Intermediate Certificate Authority. 

C. Do not use VMware Certificate Authority, provision your own Certificates. 

D. Use SSL Thumbprint mode. 

E. Replace all VMware Certificate Authority issued Certificates with self-signed Certificates. 

Answer: A,B,C 

Q110. An administrator tries to run esxtop to troubleshoot CPU performance issues, but no output is displayed. 

How can the issue be resolved? 

A. esxtop is deprecated in vSphere 6.x, resxtop must be used to produce the desired output. 

B. In esxtop, press f and place an asterisk next to each field that should be displayed. 

C. sudo should be run in front of esxtop to give the administrator the proper permissions. 

D. The esxtop command must be run from the /proc directory to produce output. 


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