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June 12, 2018

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New Oracle 1Z0-447 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 2 - Question 11)

New Questions 2

You must implement GoldenGate in a master-to-master configuration. What output from the profiling scripts should you look for to ensure that your implementation is correct?

A. Tables set with nologging

B. Tables with Large Object (LOB) data types

C. Tables that have conflicts

D. Triggers and sequences

Answer: C

New Questions 3

Select four Oracle GoldenGate use cases.

A. real-time discovery

B. real-time data warehousing

C. offload reporting

D. zero downtime upgrades and migrations

E. backup and recovery

F. data center load balancing by using multi-master replication

Answer: B C D F

New Questions 4

Which parameter for GoldenGate 12c enables DDL replication for a Replicat?



C. DDL for Replicat is enabled by default.


Answer: C

New Questions 5

Identify the correct statement regarding Trails.

A. Extract and Pump are different OS level executable binary files.

B. Extracts cannot perform filtering, mapping, and transformations.

C. RMTTRAILis for remote trails andEXTTRAILis for local trails.

D. Extract is typically used to produce local trail files over a TCP/IP connection.

Answer: B

New Questions 6

What is the default format for a GoldenGate trail?


B. INPUT ASCII: from 1to 127 representing ASCII characters

C. SQL: SQL statements

D. CDF: Canonical Data format

E. XML: XML statement

Answer: A

New Questions 7

Which GLOBALS parameter is required to initially enable monitoring?





Answer: B

New Questions 8

Which three are types of encryption supported by OGG?

A. Parameter file encryption

B. Password

C. Trial file encryption

D. Message encryption

Answer: A B C

New Questions 9

Your Replicat performance seems slow. Which Replicat parameter can be used to improve performance?





Answer: B

New Questions 10

You are running multiple installations of Oracle GoldenGate on the same Windows server. How can you differentiate the different Manager services?

A. Create aGLOBALSfile for each installation and use theMGRSERVNAMEparameter, with a unique name.

B. Include the parameterSERVICENAMEin each Manager, with a unique name.

C. Accept the default service name and manually edit within the Services applet.

D. Multiple Manager services are not allowed on the same Windows server.

Answer: A

New Questions 11

Which method in GoldenGate should you use to undo DML changes previously made to a target database?

A. Run Extract and Replicat from the command line.

B. Use Extract and Replicat with the GoldenGate Logdump utility.

C. Run the Reverse Utility on the target database transaction logs.

D. Use Extract and Replicat with the GoldenGate Reverse utility.

Answer: D

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