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July 23, 2018

Regenerate 1Y0-A22 practice question Guide

Exam Code: 1Y0-A22 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: Citrix XenApp 6.5 Advanced Administration
Certification Provider: Citrix
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New Citrix 1Y0-A22 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 4 - Question 13)

Q4. Scenario: An existing XenApp 6.5 server farm has two policies.

The first policy is called "Clipboard_On" and has a priority of 1. The Client Clipboard redirection setting is configured to 'Allow' and it is configured in the Unfiltered policy.

The second policy is called "Clipboard_percent" and has a priority of 2. The Clipboard redirection bandwidth limit percent setting is configured to 25% and is applied to all domain users.

The policies are stored in the Citrix data store and no additional Active Directory policies are configured. After some time, the administrator detects that users are sometimes unable to use clipboard mapping.

How can the administrator configure the environment so that users are always able to use

clipboard mapping in this environment?

A. Change the priority order of the two policies.

B. Ensure that all users have an ICA client newer than version 11.2 installed.

C. Configure the Web Interface to use Workspace Control for all domain users.

D. Ensure that the ICA connection settings are the same between the XenApp 6.5 servers.

Answer: D

Q5. Scenario: An administrator used the Server Configuration Tool to install a Microsoft SQL Server Express data store database automatically as part of a XenApp 6.5 farm installation. The initial configuration consisted of a single zone and servers in a single physical location. The administrator added an equal number of servers and users to the farm at a second physical location over a WAN.

Which new requirement would require the administrator to migrate the data store database from Microsoft SQL Server Express to Microsoft SQL Server?

A. Implementing database mirroring

B. Adding an additional zone to the farm

C. Moving the database from local storage to SAN storage

D. Adding the configuration logging database to the same SQL server

Answer: A

Q6. Scenario: A recent security breach occurred in which a member of staff was able to copy company confidential information onto a device which was then removed from company premises. A Citrix Adminstrator has been instructed to disable client drive mapping when staff using corporate issued domain-member laptops attempt to access XenApp resources.

Which section of the ICAClient.ADM template file must the administrator configure to facilitate this request?

A. Client Engine

B. User Experience

C. User Authentication

D. Remoting Client Devices

Answer: D

Q7. Scenario: A remote user has reported that published applications are occasionally slow or choppy. The administrator thinks that it may be a network issue, and requests that the user send a Client Connection Status screenshot which is shown in the attached exhibit.

Click the Exhibit button to view the attached exhibit.

Which conclusion can the administrator make based on the information in the attached exhibit?

A. ICA network traffic is functioning normally.

B. The white bar indicates that there may be a problem with incoming data.

C. Outgoing data is constrained as evidenced by the number of bytes/frame.

D. An older version of the Citrix Receiver may be causing ICA traffic to function less optimally.

Answer: A

Q8. Scenario: A Citrix XenApp 6.5 environment contains several published applications. All of the published applications are installed on every XenApp 6.5 server and a customized load evaluator is assigned to two worker groups where the servers are grouped. The users connect from the Local Area Network (LAN) and normally they can work without problems.

Users complain that sometimes the ICA sessions are very slow.

How can the administrator determine which user session consumes the most server resources?

A. Utilize the PowerShell SDK to monitor server processes.

B. Run an EdgeSight report to determine which processes have the highest values.

C. Create a new load evaluator and assign it with a new policy to the existing worker groups to determine which processes have the highest values.

D. Create a new Health Monitoring policy to send an alert for sessions when they reach a threshold value for processing speed to determine which processes have the highest values.

Answer: B

Q9. Scenario: An administrator needs to increase the number of XenApp 6.5 servers in the current farm to increase capacity for disaster recovery. A number of XenApp 6.5 servers already exist; these were used for a proof of concept (PoC) farm. These servers have the same OS, XenApp version and applications as the production farm.

Which tool should be used to migrate the PoC servers into the production farm?

A. Citrix XenApp Migration Center

B. Citrix AppCenter in the target farm

C. Citrix AppCenter in the source farm

D. Citrix XenApp Server Role Manager

Answer: D

Q10. Scenario: An administrator deployed Remote Desktop roaming user profiles within an existing XenApp farm. As part of the transition to XenApp 6.5, Citrix Profile Management will replace the existing profile solution for XenApp user sessions.

Which two components must the administrator modify in order to implement this solution? (Choose two.)

A. Web Interface

B. XenApp server

C. Citrix License Server

D. Active Directory GPOs

Answer: B,D

Q11. Scenario: A XenApp farm has two servers. The administrator discovers that users are only being directed to one server. The administrator investigates the issue and receives the output in the attached exhibit.

Click the Exhibit button to view the attached exhibit.

What is the reason that users are only being directed to one server?

A. There is an IMA communication problem.

B. There is an XML communication problem.

C. An EdgeSight update is currently in progress.

D. The problem server cannot contact the data store.

Answer: A

Q12. Users accessing a XenApp hosted desktop by means of thin client devices can see a new network printer that has been provisioned by the administrator using the session printers policy but are unable to print to this printer.

What can the administrator do to resolve this?

A. Enable the auto-create all client printers policy.

B. Add the new printer to the session printers policy.

C. Verify that the new printer has been added to the default printer policy.

D. Install the correct printer driver on the XenApp servers and the print server.

Answer: D

Q13. Scenario: A XenApp Administrator changed the credentials used to connect to the data store. The IMA Service is NOT starting after the restart.

Which component could be causing this issue?

A. Roaming profile

B. Local host cache

C. Citrix XML Service

D. ODBC/DSN Configuration

Answer: D

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