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April 12, 2019

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What criteria must be met in order to create a certificate bundle by linking multiple certificates in NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS)?

  • A. The issuer of the first certificate must match the domain of the second certificate.
  • B. The issuer if the first certificate must NOT have issued the second certificate.
  • C. The certificates must be created on the NetScaler.
  • D. The certificates must be issued by an external Certificate Authority.

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has configured LDAP group extraction on the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) for the administration. The engineer observes that extraction is NOT working for one of the five configured groups.
What could be the cause of the issue?

  • A. The admin bind user has read-only permissions on the LDAP server.
  • B. The NMAS group does NOT match the one on the external LDAP servers.
  • C. The LDAP bind DN is incorrectly configured in the LDAP profile.
  • D. The user group extraction is NOT supported with plaintext LDAP.

Answer: B

Which NetScaler Management Analytics System (NMAS) feature can the Citrix Engineer use to convert configuration tasks performed using the GUI to CLI commands?

  • A. Master Configuration
  • B. Inbuilt Template
  • C. Record-and-Play
  • D. Configuration Template

Answer: C

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has created a default admin user with username Admin1 and password ‘nsroot’ for the tenant example-online. However, the tenant administrator is unable to log in as username Admin1 and password ‘nsroot’.
Which action resolves this problem?

  • A. User should use the system administrator credentials to login.
  • B. The user BIND DN should be specified.
  • C. The default password must be change before login.
  • D. User should enter username as example-online\Admin1.

Answer: B

Which two actions can a Citrix Engineer use to provide Denial of Service (DoS) protection with the AppQoE feature? (Choose two.)

  • A. Simple Response
  • B. HICResponse
  • C. Denial Response
  • D. Complex Response

Answer: AB

Which action can be used to place the rule on the relaxation list without being deployed and ensuring that the rule is NOT learned again?

  • A. Skip
  • B. Deploy
  • C. Delete
  • D. Edit& Deploy

Answer: A

Which protocol does NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) use when Discovery is run to locate instances?

  • A. RIP
  • B. TCP
  • C. ICMP
  • D. NITRO

Answer: C

The NetScaler MAS server sends an Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP) ping to locate the instance. Then, it uses the instance profile details to log on to the instance. Using a NetScaler NITRO call, NetScaler MAS retrieves the license information of the instance. On the basis of the licensing information, it determines whether the instance is a NetScaler instance and the type of NetScaler platform (for example, NetScaler MPX, NetScaler VPX, NetScaler SDX, or NetScaler Gateway). On succesful detection of the NetScaler instance, it is added to the NetScaler MAS server’s database.

A Citrix Engineer needs to configure NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) in their network to retain network reporting data, events, audit logs, and task logs for 20 days.
Which settings can the engineer configure to meet the requirement?

  • A. System Prune Settings
  • B. System Backup Settings
  • C. Instance Backup Settings
  • D. Syslog Prune Settings

Answer: A

Which content type takes the maximum advantage of web caching mechanisms to boost performance?

  • A. Pseudo-Dynamic Content
  • B. Pseudo-Static Content
  • C. Static Content
  • D. Dynamic Content

Answer: D

Which two response headers are added by Application Firewall? (Choose two.)

  • A. Transfer-Encoding
  • B. Accept-Language
  • C. Accept-Encoding
  • D. Set-Cookie
  • E. Range

Answer: AD

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has configured a NetScaler Management Analytics System (NMAS) policy mandating that all certificates must have minimum key strengths of 2048 bits and must be authorized by trusted CA/Issuers.
How does NMAS alert the engineer about non-compliance?

  • A. NMAS highlights any non-compliance with the ‘Non-Recommended’ tag.
  • B. NMAS disables any non-compliant policies.
  • C. NMAS does NOT alert the engineer.
  • D. NMAS disables any non-compliant certificates.

Answer: A

A website hosts highly dynamic content that is frequently requested in bursts of high user access. Which configuration will reduce traffic to the origin server while optimizing client performance?

  • A. –pollEveryTime NO
  • B. –expireAtLastByte YES
  • C. –flashCache YES
  • D. –heurExpiryParam 0

Answer: A

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer needs to configure an external SNMP server in a High Availability setup. The engineer configured the load-balancing virtual server to access the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) HA pair.
Which IP address will be configured on the external SNMP Manager to add the NMAS devices?

  • A. IP Address of the LB VIP
  • B. IP Address of the Primary node
  • C. IP Address of the active mode
  • D. IP Address of both the NMAS nodes

Answer: D

A Citrix Engineer needs to configure an application firewall profile to ensure that the images uploaded on the website are NOT malicious. The engineer needs to create a policy to filter the upload requests and ensure that they are in JPEG format.
Which expression can the engineer use to fulfill this requirement?

  • A. http.req.url.endswith (“.jpeg) & & http.req.method.eq (POST)
  • B. http.req.url.contains (“.jpeg) & & http.req.method.eq (GET)
  • C. http.req.url.endswith (“.jpeg) || http.req.method.eq (GET)
  • D. http.req.header (“Content-Type”).contains (“image/jpeg”) || http.req.method.eq(POST)

Answer: D

Which two security checks invoke sessionization? (Choose two.)

  • A. CSRF Form Tagging
  • B. Field Formats
  • C. Form Field Consistency
  • D. HTML Cross-Site Scripting

Answer: AC

Scenario: A Citrix Engineer has a project to enable Integrated Caching on a NetScaler for a Financial Consulting company whose clients monitor their stocks in real time. Clients are reporting a delay in the displaying of the stock values.
What can the engineer configure on the NetScaler to enable data to be presented to the clients in real time?

  • A. Dynamic Content Groups
  • B. Basic Content Group
  • C. Add another NetScaler
  • D. Static Content Group

Answer: A

Which is a single-digit rating system that indicates the criticalness of attacks on the application, regardless of whether or NOT the application is protected by a NetScaler appliance?

  • A. App Store
  • B. Safety Index
  • C. Threat Index
  • D. Transactions

Answer: C

A Citrix Engineer needs to deploy the NetScaler Management and Analytics System (NMAS) in their company environment to ensure that NMAS provides uninterrupted operation in all situations.
Which deployment type can meet this requirement?

  • A. Active-Active High Availability Mode
  • B. Single-Server Deployment Mode
  • C. NMAS integrated with Director mode
  • D. Active-Passive High Availability Mode

Answer: A

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