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April 12, 2019

Citrix 1Y0-203 Exam Questions and Answers 2019

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Citrix 1Y0-203 Free Dumps Questions Online, Read and Test Now.

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator is installing Office 365 Pro Plus. The administrator needs to use a silent installation method that does NOT perform activation. Which type of file is required for a silent installation method?

  • A. MSP
  • B. MSI
  • C. XML
  • D. INI

Answer: C

Which two cloud providers are supported with XenApp and XenDesktop 7.15? (Choose two.)

  • A. Amazon Web Services
  • B. Google Cloud Services
  • C. Microsoft Azure
  • D. IBM Cloud

Answer: AC

Scenario: The Helpdesk team is troubleshooting a printing issue. Users connect to print servers located in two different datacenters. The print servers host identical drivers and queues. Upon investigation, a Citrix Administrator finds that users can only print to one of the print servers successfully.
The network team informed the administrator that only Citrix-related traffic is allowed between the two Sites. How can the administrator fix this issue?

  • A. Create a Citrix policy to auto-create printers.
  • B. Install Universal drivers to all print servers.
  • C. Create a print policy that limits the bandwidth consumption used by printing.
  • D. Create a printing policy that disables direct connections to print serve

Answer: A

ACitrix Administrator is preparing a XenDesktop Printer policy to allow every user to map only one of the locally installed printers. How can the administrator accomplish this task?

  • A. Enable the "Auto-create the client's default printer only" policy.
  • B. Install only native printer drivers to the XenDesktop virtual machines.
  • C. Enable the "Disable LTP ports" policy.
  • D. Enable the "Auto-create local (non-network) client printers only" polic

Answer: A

ACitrix Administrator is preparing to deploy 500 Windows 10 Virtual Desktops by using Machine Creation Services (MCS).
How much storage space, at a minimum, needs to be allocated to the Identity Disks in this environment?

  • A. 32 Gb
  • B. 8 Gb
  • C. 16 Gb
  • D. 4 Gb

Answer: D

After a user logs on to StoreFront and is authenticated, which service is responsible for enumerating the user's published resources?

  • A. Citrix MPSF Agent service
  • B. XML service
  • C. Configuration Synchronization service
  • D. Host service

Answer: B

Which tool can a Citrix Administrator use to collect information to investigate issues with session performance?

  • A. XDPing
  • B. CDF Control
  • C. XenDesktop Site Checker
  • D. HDX Monitor

Answer: C

Citrix Health Assistant automates a series of health checks for ______ and ______. (Choose the correct options to complete the sentence.)

  • A. Controller Configuration
  • B. Session Launch
  • C. VDA Registration
  • D. Power Management

Answer: AC

Which two outcome occur when the only Delivery Controller fails in a XenDesktop environment? (Choose two.)

  • A. Users will be able to reconnect to their disconnected sessions only
  • B. Users will still be able to launch their applications and desktops from StoreFront.
  • C. Citrix Director will be unavailable to the administrator
  • D. Users with an existing session will continue to run

Answer: CD

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator implemented XenApp/XenDesktop to centrally host applications for internal and external users.
Recently, the SQL servers hosting the Site database experienced a major problem. As a result, the database is corrupted and the administrator needs to restore the Site database from backup.
Which precautionary action must the administrator consider before restoring the Site database?

  • A. Nullify the connection strings from the registry using PowerShell so that the controllers do NOT connect to the database
  • B. Remove any hotfixes applied after the backup before performing the restore
  • C. Verify that all Delivery Controllers are shut down
  • D. Verify that the restore option in SQL Studio is set to “WITH RESTRICTED_USER”

Answer: B

ACitrix Administrator needs to configure Store Front for High Availability in order to aggregate resources from multiple deployments.
Which two requirements or restrictions should the administrator consider when deciding to set up highly available multi- site configurations for stores? (Choose two.)

  • A. App Controller applications can also be aggregated as long as they have the same name and path on each server
  • B. StoreFront only provides access to backup deployments for disaster recovery when all the primary sites are available
  • C. While running ‘Propagate task’, the administrator CANNOT make any further changes until all the servers in the group have been updated
  • D. If synchronization of user’s application subscriptions is configured between stores on separate StoreFront deployments, the stores must have the same name in each server group

Answer: CD

What should a Citrix Administrator keep in mind when using a Windows-based identical License Server for high availability?

  • A. Both License Servers will be load-balanced by NetScaler.
  • B. The computer account password can be changed.
  • C. Both License Servers need to issue licenses at the same time.
  • D. The second License Server must have a different hostnam

Answer: A

Which two statements are valid when using Citrix Profile Streaming? (Choose two.)

  • A. Registry entries and files in the pending area are fetched when accessed.
  • B. By default, Profile Streaming is disabled.
  • C. Profile Streaming will delay the logon process.
  • D. The files and folders are fetched on-deman

Answer: BD

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator procures 500 XenDesktop Platinum license. The administrator installs a development- specific, license-based application on the master image and publishes desktops to the developers. Each instance of this application requires a separate license.
A developer launches the published desktop and 5 instances of the developer application from within the Published Desktop session.
How many XenDesktop and application licenses will the developer's action consume?

  • A. 1 XenDesktop license and 1 application license
  • B. 5 XenDesktop license and 5 application licenses
  • C. 1 XenDesktop license and 5 application licenses
  • D. 5 XenDesktop license and 1 application license

Answer: C

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator works at a hospital where doctors frequently move between patient rooms.
Each patient room has a different workstation. Several doctors have complained that when they switch patient rooms, they have to relaunch their Citrix-delivered applications.
Which feature can the administrator configure to address this issue?

  • A. Session Pre-launch
  • B. ICA Keep-Alive
  • C. Session Reliability
  • D. Workspace Control

Answer: D

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator has a current StoreFront store that supports 150 users who have full access to all enterprise resources. The administrator needs to create a new StoreFront store for contractors who will work onsite for two months. The contractors need access to specific resources but will NOT be Active Directory users.
Which option should the administrator select while creating the Store for contractors?

  • A. HTTP Basic
  • B. Unauthenticated
  • C. Pass-through
  • D. SmartCard

Answer: B

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator is investigating an instability in the system that is causing the Print Spooler service to stop frequently on the XenApp server.
The administrator finds printer driver conflicts in the environment.
Which policy can the administrator use to resolve this issue and remove the unwanted printer drivers on the XenApp server?

  • A. Use only printer model specific drivers
  • B. Automatic Installation of in-box printer drivers
  • C. Auto-connect all client printers
  • D. Use universal printing only if requested driver is unavailable

Answer: D

Scenario: ACitrix Administrator needs to deploy Receiver to a group of new users who use restricted workstations that do NOT allow applications to be installed locally on them. These users are internal to the company and connect directly to the XenDesktop environment via Storefront.
Which deployment option is optimal for these new users?

  • A. Receiver for Web deployed from StoreFront
  • B. Native Receiver deployed through Active Directory scripting
  • C. Receiver for HTML5 deployed through client web browser
  • D. Native Receiver deployed through group policy

Answer: A

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