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February 8, 2018

What Renew 1D0-525 Is?

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Q1. Suppose you were using statistical software to evaluate the performance of various HTTP server packages. What would be the most efficient way to compare performance data accurately? 

A. Request that vendors provide their benchmark results of running a standard monitoring application. 

B. Use a remote computer to capture statistical information on each server operating under a simulated load. 

C. Install resource-monitoring software on each server independently and vary the actual load conditions on each server. 

D. Gather real-time performance data on each server by running several system-monitoring applications on the server at one time. 


Q2. Isabelle, a site administrator, has just analyzed her Web site's traffic and discovered that many users abandon the site when they reach a particular page. Which source of Web site data can Isabelle use to analyze this pattern? 

A. Server logs 

B. Hit counters 

C.  Page weight 

D. Page rankings 


Q3. You are logged on to a Linux system. You suspect a problem with the system's MySQL database server. Which of the following files will contain relevant information pertaining to the failure? 

A. ~root/.error 

B. /var/log/messages 

C. /var/run/lock/mysql 

D. ~root/.database_error 


Q4. A large company with an adequate staff and funding wants to implement an e-commerce storefront. Which of the following methods would be most suitable for this company? 

A. Online solution 

B. Offline solution 

C. Instant storefront 

D. In-house solution 


Q5. Which of the following security threats is reduced by a strong password policy? 

A. Pharming attacks 

B. Database tampering 

C. Buffer overflow attacks 

D. Denial-of-service attacks 


Q6. Which of the following is the most efficient strategy for detecting an attack on your company's e-commerce site? 

A. Conducting an audit 

B.  Reviewing system logs 

C. Testing password strength 

D. Teaching employees about social engineering 


Q7. Some Web servers can be configured to listen for HTTP requests for multiple Web sites on a single server. Which of the following steps can be taken to configure multiple Web sites to use port 80 as their default and to secure transactions? 

A. Use separate host header names for each Web site. 

B. Configure the firewall to accept multiple HTTP requests. 

C. Bind multiple IP addresses to a single NIC on the server. 

D. Install IIS and Apache on the same server to host multiple Web sites. 


Q8. Increasing the ability of a Web server to support a greater workload by increasing the resources on the server (for example, memory, processor speed, number of processors) is known as: 

A. sizing up. 

B. clustering. 

C. scaling up. 

D. scaling out. 


Q9. Customers use your company's software to receive real-time weather reports. One of the company's software developers has proposed creating a second application that installs at the same time as the weather software, but operates in the background and reports user preferences and other information to your company. What is the name for this type of application? 

A. Daemon 

B. Spyware 

C. Freeware 

D. Value-add 


Q10. Carly has requested a digital certificate for her Web site. Instructions for downloading and installing the new certificate will be: 

A. sent to Carly's e-mail address. 

B. sent to Carly by postal service. 

C. provided only on Carly's request. 

D. remotely installed on Carly's Web server. 


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