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February 2, 2018

Top CIW 1D0-525 pack Choices

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Q31. Marty included a banner ad for her online MP3 player store on a music download Web site. She found that 72 percent of users who visited the site via banner ad click through became customers. Which of the following is the term for this percentage? 

A. Exposure rate 

B. Purchase rate 

C. Conversion rate 

D. Clickthrough rate 


Q32. Which of the following describes a referrer program? 

A. One site pays another site for the traffic it sends; traffic is directed in one direction. 

B. One site pays several sites for traffic it sends; traffic is generated in multiple directions. 

C. A third party verifies referrals from one site to another site as traffic flows from one to the other. 

D. Referrals occur only after a company pays a commission for them; traffic is directed in one direction. 


Q33. What is the most accurate way to determine the number of visits to a Web site? 

A. Install a hit counter. 

B. Use a tracking service. 

C. Measure server bandwidth used. 

D. Use automatic e-mail notification. 


Q34. The main purpose of monitoring e-commerce Web server resources and performance (including bandwidth, uptime, downtime and network usage) is to ensure: 

A. site availability. 

B. visitor satisfaction. 

C. cost-effectiveness. 

D. increased profitability. 


Q35. Tom has encountered a problem with the Apache server installation on his company's server. Because he does not have an immediate solution to the problem, he should contact: 

A. the Apache Help desk. 

B. the Apache service staff. 

C. the Apache live Help service. 

D. the Apache user online forum. 


Q36. You have just obtained a signed digital certificate from a certificate authority. What is the next step you should take? 

A. Sign the certificate. 

B. Install the certificate. 

C. Export the certificate. 

D. Publish the certificate. 


Q37. Your e-business acquires raw materials and parts from several international suppliers and assembles those materials into a finished product. What is the name for the process that connects the materials and components to the consumer? 

A. Supply chain 

B. Product life cycle 

C. Just-in-time (JIT) delivery 

D. Logistics of rapid replenishment 


Q38. Which of the following describes a root certificate authority (CA)? 

A. A CA that cannot be brought offline 

B. A CA that has an unlimited validity period 

C.   A CA that uses LDAP to transmit its credentials to other CAs 

D.  A CA that signs its own certificate and certifies itself as legitimate 


Q39. In credit card transactions, which of the following occurs during the settlement phase? 

A. Credit card information is passed to a payment gateway. 

B.  The processor verifies the credit card through the issuing bank. 

C. The acquiring bank transfers money to the merchant's account. 

D. The customer enters credit card information on a Web site and confirms the order. 


Q40. Mortimer is creating an e-business site for an international supplier of exotic flower bulbs. Many customers are loyal purchase-club members. He has decided to use a virtual catalog in the construction of the site. Which of the following practices pertaining to implementing a virtual catalog should be avoided? 

A. Managing pricing in multiple currencies 

B. Implementing special pricing rules for club members 

C. Making multiple base catalogs appear as a single catalog to customer 

D. Adding new items to the virtual catalog to add duplicate database entries 


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