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December 27, 2017

Top 6 faq 1D0-525 for examinee (81 to 86)

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Q81. User-tracking services can provide data about site visitors. Which of the following types of data are collected by tracking services? 

A. Operating system, browser type, domain 

B.  Operating system, third-party cookies, passwords 

C. Operating system, browser type, third-party cookies 

D. Operating system, demographic information, domain 


Q82. Nain is a front-desk receptionist at a large corporation. After a recent payday for the employees, Nain received a phone call from someone claiming to be an employee who was out-of-state on an assignment. This person asked Nain whether his check had been deposited, and to verify that the check was written to a specific account name and bank routing number. This occurrence may be a type of attack known as a: 

A. phishing attack. 

B. pharming attack. 

C. denial-of-service attack. 

D. social-engineering attack. 


Q83. Which of the following is the most effective way to build community with your online storefront? 

A. Provide a quantity discount. 

B. Create an incentive-based program. 

C. Accept several different payment options. 

D. Generate an automatic order confirmation. 


Q84. Which of the following is the most effective option for detecting a site attack by someone who wants to modify your customer database? 

A. Implementing a firewall 

B. Using antivirus software 

C. Using an intrusion detection system 

D. Limiting the open ports on the system 


Q85. Mark is the owner of a portal storefront that sells gaming software. What would be the most effective way for him to encourage repeat business? 

A. Use up-selling techniques to sell more advanced games. 

B. Provide a FAQ page and knowledge base for each game. 

C. Allow new customers a 10 percent discount on their first order. 

D. Offer discounts on game accessories during the checkout process. 


Q86. Which of the following statements about banner exchange networks is accurate? 

A. They are effective only in a B2B environment. 

B. They are effective only in a B2C environment. 

C. They are most effective in non-profit environments. 

D. They are effective in both B2B and B2C environments. 


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