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January 10, 2017

Top Tips Of 1D0-525 faq

Are you planning to take your CIW CIW exam? Do youll need some preparatory components to help you pass your CIW 1D0-525 exam? Maybe youve got purchased a number of practice materials from other source. But nearly all of the CIW CIW exam demos tend to be worthless for your real exam preparation. That they just spend your period and income in the way that present you with the fake training materials.

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Q81. Maggie is developing a site that allows purchases to be made online. What technology should she use to enable security measures on this site? 






Q82. Which of the following is a common practice for ensuring the quality of customer service? 

A. Asking customers to participate in a blog 

B. Notifying a customer by e-mail when a product is shipped 

C. Sending product announcements from partners by e-mail to new customers 

D. Notifying the customer's credit card company via e-mail that a purchase has occurred 


Q83. Tomas receives multiple e-mail notices after he successfully places an online order with a book retailer. What is the customary sequence of order e-mail notices? 

A. Order shipped, order processed, order charged to the credit card 

B. Order address verified, order shipped, order charged to the credit card 

C. Order fulfilled, order processed, order shipped with tracking number assigned 

D. Order processed, order status confirmed, order shipped with tracking number 


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Q84. An international online auction company wants to use a payment service that supports payment processing and is limited to auction purchases only. Which of the following would best meet the company's needs? 

A. eBay 

B. BidPay 

C. PayPal 

D. AuctionPay 


Q85. What is the single most important result of any marketing strategy? 

A. Number of products sold 

B. Dollars generated in sales 

C. Return On Investment (ROI) 

D. Cost of the marketing campaign 


Q86. What aspect of e-commerce marketing most significantly differentiates the use of a niche marketing strategy from that of a global marketing strategy? 

A. Advertising media choices 

B. Common customer interests 

C. Products and/or services offered 

D. Geographic distribution of the customers 


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