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December 29, 2016

Precise 1D0-525 preparation labs Reviews & Tips

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2016 Dec 1D0-525 exam cram

Q31. Which of the following can help customers complete purchases more quickly? 

A. A well-planned site hierarchy 

B. Detailed descriptions of products 

C. Product testimonials from other customers 

D. An RSS feed directing customers to a site blog 


Q32. You are logged on to a Linux system. You suspect a problem with the system's MySQL database server. Which of the following files will contain relevant information pertaining to the failure? 

A. ~root/.error 

B. /var/log/messages 

C. /var/run/lock/mysql 

D. ~root/.database_error 


Q33. Which of the following is a common cause of a buffer overflow? 

A. Unchecked data entered into the buffer 

B. Unnecessary services running in the buffer 

C.  Repeated attempts to guess a password stored in the buffer 

D. Unexpected SQL statements causing database information to be revealed in the buffer 


Q34. Which of the following market models is considered industry-centric that is, a model in which all the businesses in a particular market are involved in the same industry? 

A. B2C market 

B. Open market 

C. Vertical market 

D. Horizontal market 


Q35. Which of the following describes a targeted marketing program? 

A. A program that targets a specific group of interested people 

B. A program that targets the broadest group of people in the most countries around the world 

C. A program that selects the largest array of products and markets them to those most likely to purchase products online 

D. A program that selects the smallest array of products and markets them to those most likely to purchase products online 


Regenerate 1D0-525 answers:

Q36. Vera's new e-business failed in its second year because inventory levels were constantly depleted and she was unable to satisfy order fulfillment. The most likely underlying reason for the failure may be that Vera's business plan did not address: 

A. customer demographics. 

B. supply chain management. 

C. inventory storage requirements. 

D. marketing strategies and tactics. 


Q37. An e-commerce site administrator believes that her site's security has been compromised. 

The most important participants of her recovery plan are the Web team, law enforcement and the: 

A. marketing department. 

B. certificate authority (CA). 

C. server software publisher. 

D. Internet Service Provider (ISP). 


Q38. Which of the following most completely describes a Sharable Content Object (SCO)? 

A. An asset described by metadata 

B. A system that centrally stores assets 

C. A Rich Site Summary (RSS) that aggregates content 

D. A Java applet or ActiveX control that aggregates and sequences data 


Q39. A customer has placed an online order. The order has been written to a database for processing and the customer's credit card has been charged. What is the last interaction with the customer during the order process? 

A. Update the customer profile. 

B.  Redirect the customer to the home page. 

C. Send a confirmation e-mail message to the customer. D. Send a shipping notification via e-mail to the customer. 


Q40. User-tracking services can provide data about site visitors. Which of the following types of data are collected by tracking services? 

A. Operating system, browser type, domain 

B.  Operating system, third-party cookies, passwords 

C. Operating system, browser type, third-party cookies 

D. Operating system, demographic information, domain 


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