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June 5, 2018

Top 10 tutorials 156-915.80 for IT examinee (1 to 10)

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New Check Point 156-915.80 Exam Dumps Collection (Question 1 - Question 10)

Question No: 1

In the following cluster configuration; if you reboot sglondon_1 which device will be active when sglondon_1 is back up and running? Why?

A. sglondon_1 because it the first configured object with the lowest IP.

B. sglondon_2 because sglondon_1 has highest IP.

C. sglondon_1, because it is up again, sglondon_2 took over during reboot.

D. sglondon_2 because it has highest priority.

Answer: D

Question No: 2

Fill in the blank. To verify SecureXL statistics, you would use the command .


fwaccel stats

Question No: 3

Fill in the blank. To verify that a VPN Tunnel is properly established, use the command _____


vpn tunnelutil

Question No: 4

You find that Users are not prompted for authentication when they access their Web servers, even though you have created an HTTP rule via User Authentication. Choose the BEST reason why.

A. You checked the cache password on desktop option in Global Properties.

B. Another rule that accepts HTTP without authentication exists in the Rule Base.

C. You have forgotten to place the User Authentication Rule before the Stealth Rule.

D. Users must use the SecuRemote Client, to use the User Authentication Rule.

Answer: B

Question No: 5

MegaCorp is using SmartCenter Server with several gateways. Their requirements result in a heavy log load. Would it be feasible to add the SmartEvent Correlation Unit and SmartEvent Server to their SmartCenter Server?

A. No. SmartCenter SIC will interfere with the function of SmartEvent.

B. No. If SmartCenter is already under stress, the use of a separate server for SmartEvent is recommended.

C. No, SmartEvent and Smartcenter cannot be installed on the same machine at the same time.

D. Yes. SmartEvent must be installed on your SmartCenter Server.

Answer: B

Question No: 6

Because of pre-existing design constraints, you set up manual NAT rules for your HTTP server. However, your FTP server and SMTP server are both using automatic NAT rules. All traffic from your FTP and SMTP servers are passing through the Security Gateway without a problem, but traffic from the Web server is dropped on rule 0 because of anti-spoofing settings. What is causing this?

A. Manual NAT rules are not configured correctly.

B. Allow bi-directional NAT is not checked in Global Properties.

C. Routing is not configured correctly.

D. Translate destination on client side is not checked in Global Properties under Manual NAT Rules.

Answer: D

Question No: 7

John is configuring a new R80 Gateway cluster but he can not configure the cluster as Third Party IP Clustering because this option is not available in Gateway Cluster Properties.

Whatu2019s happening?

A. ClusterXL needs to be unselected to permit third party clustering configuration.

B. Third Party Clustering is not available for R80 Security Gateways.

C. John has an invalid ClusterXL license.

D. John is not using third party hardware as IP Clustering is part of Check Pointu2019s IP Appliance.

Answer: A

Question No: 8

SmartEvent does NOT use which of the following procedures to identify events?

A. Matching a log against each event definition

B. Create an event candidate

C. Matching a log against local exclusions

D. Matching a log against global exclusions

Answer: C


Events are detected by the SmartEvent Correlation Unit. The Correlation Unit task is to scan logs for criteria that match an Event Definition. SmartEvent uses these procedures to identify events:

Matching a Log Against Global Exclusions

Matching a Log Against Each Event Definition

Creating an Event Candidate

When a Candidate Becomes an Event

Question No: 9

Type the command and syntax you would use to verify that your Check Point cluster is functioning correctly.


cphaprob state

Question No: 10

The connection to the ClusterXL member u2018Au2019 breaks. The ClusterXL member u2018Au2019 status is now u2018downu2019. Afterwards the switch admin set a port to ClusterXL member u2018Bu2019 to u2018downu2019. What will happen?

A. ClusterXL member u2018Bu2019 also left the cluster.

B. ClusterXL member u2018Bu2019 stays active as last member.

C. Both ClusterXL members share load equally.

D. ClusterXL member u2018Au2019 is asked to come back to cluster.

Answer: B

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