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May 18, 2017

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Q21. Users at an optimized branch office log off and close down Microsoft Outlook when they leave for the day. When they return in the morning the Steelhead appliance's datastore is already warm for emails they received throughout the night. What is this feature called?

A. Transparent Proxy

B. MAPI Prepopulation

C. MAPI Offline Optimization

D. Connection Pooling

E. MAPI Tunneling

Answer: B

Q22. How can Steelhead Mobile client software be distributed directly from the Steelhead Mobile Controller (SMC)? (Select 2)






Answer: AB

Q23. To help secure the server private key on the server-side Steelhead appliance, which of the following features can be used?

A. TACACS+ authentication

B. RADIUS authentication

C. Secure Vault

D. Datastore encryption

Answer: C

Q24. What are valid datastore encryption types? (Select 4)

A. No encryption

B. AES_128

C. AES_64

D. AES_256

E. AES_192

Answer: ABDE

Q25. Which of the following reflects the primary benefit of configuring CIFS prepopulation on a Steelhead appliance?

A. Prelearning different CIFS dialects on the network

B. Prewarming the datastore

C. CIFS management reporting

D. Management Streamlining

Answer: B

Q26. Which of the following status states of the Steelhead appliance are valid? (Select 3)

A. Degraded

B. Normal

C. Healthy

D. Critical

E. Failed

Answer: ACD

Q27. What is the CLI command for starting the Configuration Wizard?

A. # configuration wizard start

B. (config) # configuration jump-start

C. # configuration start

D. (config) # wizard start

E. restart clean

Answer: B

Q28. Your company now considers WAN optimization crucial to the function of the business. Which of the following Riverbed Steelhead appliance features will provide hardware redundancy in case of failure? (Select 3)

A. Multi-core processors

B. Disk RAID

C. Multiple GB memory DIMMs

D. Hot-swappable disks

E. Multiple WAN/LAN network cards

Answer: BDE

Q29. A Steelhead appliance can be configured to automatically send an email to a preconfigured email address in the event of a failure. Where is this done? (Select 3)




D. Can be done via the Central Management Console

E. DNS server

Answer: ABD

Q30. Login to the CMC appliance can be authenticated against what type servers? (Select 3)


B. Local



E. Kerberos

Answer: ABD

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