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October 11, 2017

What Does 050-733 test engine Mean?

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Q21. What does the following line of the sudo configuration file mean? geeko ALL = /sbin/shutdown 

A. All users are allowed to shut down the computer. 

B. it allows the user geeko to shut down the computer. 

C. All users (except geeko) are allowed to shut down the computer. 

D. User geeko is allowed to shut down the computer with name ALL. 

E. All users of the computer with the name geeko are allowed to shut down the computer. 


Q22. What command is used to switch the primary group? 

A. newgrp 

B. chgrp 

C. switchgrp 

D. swgrp 

E. chmod 

F. chown 


Q23. What is the following command doing: brct1delif br1 eth1 

A. Remove an interface from a bridge 

B. Remove a network bridge 

C. Use eth1for broadcast 

D. Change the name of eth1to br1 


Q24. Which user authentication meth0ds can be used with SLES 12? (Choose four) 





E. LDAP F. Handshake 

G. Windows Domain 

H. Local (/etc/passwd) 

Answer: A,D,E,G 

Q25. You want to redirect both output and error messages of the find command to the find-output file. Which command accomplishes this task? 

A. find /etc -name!'*conf" 2>&find-output 

B. find /etc-name "*conf 2<&1 > find-output 

C. find /etc -name "*conf > find-output 2> 

D. find /etc -name "*conf" > find-output 2> find-output 


Q26. Where are the SuSEfirewall2 service definition files located? 

A. /etc/sysconfig/SuSEfirewall2.d/ 

B. /etc/SuSEfirewall2/service/ 

C. /etc/SuSEfirewall2/config/ 

D. /etc/SuSEfirewall2/service/def/ 


Q27. Which directory contains configuration files? 

A. /etc 

B. /opt 

C. /usr 

D. /cfg 


Q28. You want to install the gvim RPM package that is available on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server installation media. Which command installs the gvim package, and resolves dependencies as needed? 

A. rpm -i gvim 

B. yast-igvim 

C. yast-lgvim 

D. rpm-U gvim 


Q29. To set up LVM from scratch, in which order you will execute the LVM commands? 

A. pvcreate, vgcreate, Ivcreate 

B. pvcreate, Ivcreate, vgcreate 

C. vgcreate, Ivcreate, pvcreate 

D. vgcreate, pvcreate, Ivcreate 

E. Ivcreate, pvcreate, vgcreate 

F. Ivcreate, vgcreate, pvcreate 


Q30. You are viewing the manual page of crontab, but it does not contain the information you are looking for You suspect there is another crontab manual page. Which command could you use to find out if another crontab manual page exists? (Choose two.) 

A. man a crontab 

B. whatis crontab 

C. man -k crontab 

D. man - -next crontab 

E. man - -showall crontab 

Answer: B,C 

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